Noni - Exciting Patterns for the Intrepid Knitter. Knitting Patterns, Felted Bags, Felted Flowers.
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Noni bags are bags to be worn, not just carried. They are, like jewelry or any adornment, extensions of our personalities. Let your creativity guide you as much as these patterns do toward making your own unique statement. Add interesting combinations of flowers to your bags, go on color adventures, but most of all, enjoy the process.

Noni flowers are exceptional, not just for their beauty, but for their ease of construction. The perfect portable project, they are wonderful as adornments for bags, the cuffs of your socks, the straps of your flip flops, the tops of gift boxes, hair thingies, lapels of coats, suits, jean jackets, and just about anything else that screams out for beauty. Give both the flowers and the patterns as gifts. Flowers flowers everywhere, all year around!