Noni - Exciting Patterns for the Intrepid Knitter. Knitting Patterns, Felted Bags, Felted Flowers.
Purse Handles
Snap Frame, 6" (FA6)
Starry Night Purse Frame (FSN)
Snap Frame, 10" (FA10)
Snap Frame, 10" with 27" Chain (FF10)
Purse Chain, 27" (CH27)
Hex Frame in 3 Sizes (HFA)
Purse Chain Handle Loop (CHL12PK-NIC)
Handle Loop
Flower Turnlock (FTL-NIC)
Napoleon Turnlock (NTL-NIC)
Eclaire Turnlock (ETL-NIC)
Round Turn Lock with Square Button (RTL)
Best Sew-In Snaps (SSM1-NIC)
Amazing Snaps, Magnetic (SAM1)
Amazing Snaps, Mechanical (SAS1)
Zippers in Assorted Colors and Lengths
ST07, Extra Stiff Plastic Mesh Artist Canvas (Stiffener) 13 5/8 x 22 1/8
'A Noni Design' Label (L01-SLV)
Flower Clips (FC10 or FC50)
Flower Clips
Sparkle Rivets (SR)
Sparkle Rivets
Our Latest
A Week in Venice Satchel (No. 164)
Just the Change
Dinner Party Backstage (No. 165)
Two Scoops
Orient Express Collar or Cowl Kit (503-2013-KT-)
Arctic Fox Collar
Silver Rabbit Cowl
White Leopard Collar
Ella Learns Tango (No. 1313)
Lipstick & Change City (No. 167)
Tiny City
Small City
Medium City
Big City
Ella Learns Flamenco (No. 1305)
Crochet Patterns
Adventure Bags in Crochet (No. 112C)
Flamenco Bag in Crochet (No. 126C)
Petit Four Bags in Crochet (No. 130C)
Petit Four
Perfect Fit Laptop Bag in Crochet (No. 131C)
Laptop Bag
Peony Little Purse in Crochet (No. 132.1C)
Little Purse
Clematis Shopping Bag in Crochet (No. 132C)
Shopping Bag
Everything but the Baby Bag in Crochet (No. 133C)
Bag, Accessory Bag, & Pad
The Nomad Bag in Crochet (No. 141C)
(Mostly) Bag Patterns
Felted Carpet Bags (No. 100)
Rather Huge
Smallish Baguette
Two Versions of Two Felted Evening Bags (No. 105)
9 to 9 to 9 With Camellias
9 to 9 to 9 With Feathers
Green Fish Scales
White Coral
In The Sculpture Garden (No. 106)
Moss & Pistachio
Rose & Black
Bobbles Bobbles Everywhere (No. 107)
Small Bobbles
Large Bobbles
Night Garden Evening Bag (No. 108)
Night Garden
Prism Bags (No. 110)
Large Patterned
Large Solid
Small Solid
Small Patterned
The Lattice Bag in Two Styles (No. 111)
Adventure Bags (No. 112)
Long Weekend
Urban Daily
Cherry Blossom Bags (No. 113)
Small Cherry Blossom
Large Cherry Blossom
Cascading Fuchsias Market Bag (No. 114)
Roadside Stand (Small)
Central Market (Medium)
Farmer's Market (Large)
Girly Backpacks with Pansies (No. 117)
Still Life: Bag with Pears (No. 119)
Small Pear
Large Pear
Winter Berries (No. 120)
Small Red Berries
Large White Berries
The Medallion Travel Bag (No. 121)
Two Colorways
Lenten Roses Beaded Evening Bag (No. 122)
Three Colorways
Retro Bag with Poppies (No. 123)
Three Colorways
Tulip Tote (No. 124)
Three Confections (No. 125)
- So Easy, So Noni! -
Raspberry Liqueur
Candied Orange Rind
Maraschino Cherry
Flamenco Bag (No. 126)
- So Easy, So Noni! -
Two Colorways
Starry Starry Night Beaded Evening Bag
(No. 127) - So Easy, So Noni! -
Three Styles
Vintage Bag in Two Sizes (No. 128)
Character Baguette in Two Sizes (No. 129)
Petit Four Bag with Sweetheart Roses (No. 130)
Four Colorways
Perfect Fit Laptop Sleeve (No. 131)
Clematis Shopping Bag in Two Sizes (No. 132)
Shirley Poppies (No. 212)
Poppie Flowers
Laptop Bag (No. 401)
Covered with Dots
Hidden Color - Messenger Bag & Passport Pocket (No. 402)
Hidden Yellow Colorway
Hidden Orange Colorway
Just Pockets - Small Bags for Men, Women, & Kids (No. 404)
Just Pockets
3 Diagonal Backpacks (No. 405)
Just Green
Green Earth Grocery Bag (No. 407)
Blue Marble
Metro Bag (No. 409)
Yummy Lunch (No. 410)
Deep Sea
Not Just a Baby Bag (No. 133)
Includes accessory bag & changing pad
Not Just a Baby Bag
Changing Pad
Bowling Ball Bag with Gerbera Daisies in Ten-Pin & Duck-Pin Sizes (No. 134)
Ten Pin
Duck Pin
Three Nights in a Row (No. 135)
3 lovely little bags with Stephanotis & Rosettes
Thursday Night
Friday Night
Saturday Night
Sunflower Beach or Knitting Bag (No. 137)
Sunflower Bag
Sheep Bags in Wooly Lamb and Wooly Ewe Sizes (No. 138)
Wooly Lamb & Ewe
Little Bags for Little Projects & Little People -- Felted & Unfelted (No. 139)
Little Bags
Pretty Bauble Evening Clutch -- Felted or Unfelted (No. 140)
Felted Version
Unfelted Version
Nomad Bag -- Make it Felted or Unfelted (No. 141)
Felted Nomad in 3 Sizes
Unfelted Nomad Bag
Clara Bow Clutch (No. 142)
The Scoop Bags (No. 143)
Yoga Bag and Everything Totes (No. 144)
Yoga Bag
Everything Totes
Cross Over Bags -- Lots of Possibilities! 8 Different Versions (No. 145)
Version 1
Version 2
Version 3
Version 4
Version 5
Version 6
Version 7
Version 8
The Cinch (No. 146)
Bedouin Bag in 3 Sizes (No. 147)
The Bettie Boop Bag in 3 Sizes and 2 Flowers (No. 148)
Small Bettie
Medium Bettie
Large Bettie
Les Tuileries Evening Bag (No. 150)
Cactus Flowers
Tablet Bags (No. 149)
Small Tablet
Large Tablet
Cornucopia Bag (No. 151)
Small Cornucopia
Medium Cornucopia
Large Cornucopia
New York Bags (No. 152)
Long Flap
Short Flap
Ella's Going Out Bags (No. 153)
Anouk & Vianne (No. 154)
W (No. 155)
6 - 8 - 10 (No. 156)
6 - 8 - 10 Stitch Red (No. 156-Red)
Lipstick and Change (No. 157)
Fringe (No. 158)
Ridge (No. 159)
Lipstick & Change Sparkle (No. 157S)
Hearts on My Sleeve (No. 160)
Spring Beauties
Two Flavors
Flower Patterns
Camellia Flowers (No. 201)
Peony Flowers (No. 207)
Forget-Me-Not (No. 209)
Just Pansies (No. 211)
Just Tulips (No. 213)
Just Hydrangeas (No. 215)
Clematis Flowers on the Vine (No. 216)
A Bouquet of Sweetheart Roses (No. 217)
Field of Sunflowers (No. 220)
Sunset Over Chaco Canyon Cactus Flowers (No. 223)
Cactus Flowers
Roxy's Favorite Knitted Flowers (No. 224)
Roxy's Favorite
Bling Flowers (No. 222)
French Anemone Flower (No. 225)
Noni Flowers
Garment Patterns
Happy Stripes Oven Mittens & Trivets
(No. 502) - So Easy, So Noni! -
Oven Mitts
Diamond Trivets
Handle Grabbers
Froggie Hoodie Towel & Scrubby Bath Puppets (No. 503)
Scrubby Puppets
Little Chef Kids' Oven Mitts and Set-the-Table Myself Placemats (No. 504)
Oven Mitts
All Seasons Play Pants & T-tops for Girls (No. 1101)
Pants & Ts for Girls
One Cute Hoodie for Little Girls and Women (No. 1102)
For Girls & Women
Ella & the Legume Coat (No. 1103)
Ella for Girls
Little Boys All Seasons Pants & Ts (No. 1201)
Pants & Ts for Boys
One Cute Hoodie for Boys & Men (No. 1202)
For Boys & Men
Flamenco Bolero Felted Jacket (No. 1301)
Ella Coat for Women (No. 1302)
Ella for Women
Top Down Ribbed Pull-Over Sweater (No. 1303)
Ribbed Sweater
Warmy Hats for Everyone (No. 1501)
Warmy Hats
Orange Kitty Hoodie Towel/Blanket in 2 Sizes with Kitty Jammie Bag (No. 505)
Kitty Towel
Jammie Bag
Dancing Princesses Coat (No. 1104)
A top-down knitted coat & leg warmers with apple blossoms
Two Princesses
The Noni Classic (No. 1304)
A top-down sweater in cardigan & pull-over styles
With Cherry Blossoms
Little Bunny & Lamb Hoodie Towel Blankets (No. 506)
Bunny & Lamb
Grow-Veralls -- Overalls That Grow With Your Child (No. 1203)
Dogwood Necklace Scarf (No. 221)
Escher's Oriental Poppy Cowl (No. 1502)
Escher's Cowl
The Orient Express Collar & Infinity Cowl (No. 1503)
Out-of-Print Small (Mostly Flower) Patterns
Spider Chrysanthemums (No. 202)
The Unfurling Rose (No. 203)
Cell Phone or I-Pod Mini Bag (No. 204)
Just a Bowl of Pears (No. 205)
Mandeville Vines & White Jasmine Flowers (No. 206)
Just Fuchsias (No. 208)
Just Cherry Blossoms (No. 210)
Just Lenten Roses (No. 214)
Ruffs and Cuffs of Wild Roses (No. 301)
Cypress Knees Cheeky Mini-Bag (No. 408)
Stephanotis & Rosettes Knitted Felted Flowers (No. 218)
Gerbera Daisies Knitted Felted Flowers
(No. 219)
Out-of-Print Large (Mostly Bag) Patterns
The Garden Party Bag In Two Styles (No. 101)
Grass Green
Pink & Red
Three Sassy, Skinny, Tube Baguettes (No. 102)
Pink and Orange
Pink and Red
Pink, Green, & Cream
Dr. Seuss-ish "Elephant Foot" Shoulder Bags & Cell Phone Bags (No. 103)
Apricot Elephant Foot
Red Elephant Foot
Cell Phone
The Majolica Bag - Vases Full of Flowers (No. 104)
Green & Turquoise
Pink & Red
Harlequin Pill Box Bag
in three sizes (No. 109)
Pink & Gray
Black & Gray
Red & Red
Hydrangea Bags (No. 115)
Wedding Mix
Spring Basket Evening Bags With Tea Roses or Buttercups (No. 116)
Small with Tea Roses
Small with Buttercups
Year of the Pig Bag in Two Pigeldy Colorways (No. 118)
Covered Rocks Saddle Bag & Pocket (No. 403)
Green & Green Colorway
Black & Red Colorway
Grassy Hill, Spiney Beast, & Just Plain Color: 3 Whimsical Backpacks for Grownups & Kids (No. 406)
Spiny Beast
Grassy Hill
Just Plain Color
Round Pegs in a Square: An Accent Pillow in 3 Styles & 2 Colorways (No. 501)
In Two Colorways